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Overview of Ipreo’s i-Prospectus:

The SEC has authorized electronic delivery of prospectuses as a replacement to delivering printed copies*. Ipreo’s i-Prospectus automates electronic delivery of both preliminary and final prospectuses by distributing these documents directly to investors. This service is provided to lead and co-managers of new issues and dramatically cuts printing and mailing costs while providing investors with electronic prospectuses that are more timely and useful.

As part of the service, Ipreo’s i-Prospectus will:

Obtain email addresses for investors.
Verify investors have necessary software.
Obtain electronic delivery consent from investors.
Convert prospectus to searchable PDF format.
Provide links on table of contents in prospectus.

Distribute prospectus as follows:

E-mail directly to investors.
Publish on Ipreo’s i-Prospectus.

Benefits of Ipreo’s i-Prospectus:

Savings - Cut printing & mailing costs by up to $10,000 per deal

Timely - Investors receive prospectus 2-5 business days before printed copies.

Compact - Typical prospectus is 1/2 MB and can be downloaded in seconds.

Flexible - Prospectus can be searched and includes links on table of contents.

*Click on the links below for complete copies of the SEC releases regarding Electronic Delivery:

SEC Release #33-7233
SEC Release #33-7288
SEC 2000 Interpretive Release

i-Deal Prospectus